Individual teaching programmes

Did you recently move to the Netherlands and are you considering, or even planning, to have your child attend a Dutch-speaking school? Or are you living here already but do you find that your child may need a little extra attention? We will be most happy to help!


We run tailor-made programmes for individual kids as young as 4, tutoring and practicing Dutch in a playful, stressfree way. Teaching can either take place at home or, if facilitated, at school during or right after classroom hours.


Teaching sessions are usually limited to one hour, in order not to overstretch the attention span of your child. Our specialized lady teachers can either come to your house or meet in school.


As a part of the programme service, we keep in contact with the school and your child’s teacher, so as to optimally monitor progress and assess specific areas of attention. If necessary, we can also act as an intermediary, providing support in your contact with school staff.

More about Dutch 4 children: