Don’t just hear it from us. Hear it from our students!


Are you curious to know what other students say about the programmes and services of Talencentrum Holland? Please check their testimonials below.


“I just love everything you guys do!”

Tatiana Lugo, Nikon Europe


“If you need a tutor I recommend my tutor with great enthusiasm! Lonieke Ultee of Talencentrum Holland was a godsend – we opted to not do a year of immersion as we didn’t want the kids to have to switch schools 2x and they were still in elementary school so it was fine. Lonieke worked with our kids and their teachers during the school day and it was incredibly helpful!”

Sara Jane Klingaman


“An informal yet fast-paced approach to learning Dutch with confidence. This course has been the highlight of my first weeks in the Netherlands!”

Please note: due to us asking the participants of group training programmes about their experiences on a basis of anonimity, some testimonials may appear without names.