On learning languages

Learning a language is more than just learning some grammar and a bunch of words.

Here’s some tricks that we think can help you learn faster, better, and with more fun in the process:


  1. Do NOT focus too much on trying to speak correctly and fluently. Instead, just focus on getting your message across. Don’t be shy! Remember: no one but you expects you to be flawless.
  2. Listen carefully. Try to figure out how native speakers do it. Active listening is at least as important as speaking when learning a language.
  3. Try to memorize some standard phrasing used by everyone. This makes it much easier to construct sentences and keep up a conversation. Zeker weten! 
  4. Speak to yourself. Be like that granny who socializes when alone in a room. And copy other people, too. It will make you get used to hearing yourself speak your new language, it will make you confident – and it will swiftly reduce the amount or errors you make.
  5. Believe in yourself! Language learning is not a difficult challenge, it is a gift. As long as you keep practicing, and aren’t shy to put your new knowledge to use, you will keep learning in a playful and stress-free manner!


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March 8, 2016