Group programmes

A little issue that expat parents sometimes run into, is that their child may be doing well in learning Dutch and getting by in classroom situations, but misses the practice of speaking Dutch outside school. We provide a nice opportunity for your kid to keep practicing and interact with other expat kids at the same time.


In addition to our individual programmes for kids – and upon request of many parents – we have started playful classroom sessions for groups of children.


Once per week we organise playful learning sessions in Amsterdam Zuid. We run two separate groups on wednesday afternoons: one for younger children up to 7 years of age, and one for children from 8 years old and older.


During the sessions, we do a little teaching, but the main focus is on learning through interaction – with the other kids as well as the lady teacher – and group activities. We create a safe and stimulating atmosphere the children can thrive in without any stress.


The best recommendation for the group sessions comes from the kids. They all love it!!!

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