Our Language2Go programme is designed to help you practice and improve your Dutch ‘on the go’ – through snappy and practical-oriented sessions before you go to work, during your lunch-break or to fill a short gap in your schedule.


Language2Go aims to provide you with an easy-access, low-threshold training programme that enables you to keep you language learning going in a care-free way.


This is how it works: you buy a Language2Go voucher that contains credits representing either tuition or coaching time. Whenever you want to do a training session, you call us and we’ll arrange for you to meet up with one of our teachers. In case you prefer a designated teacher, no problem either. Understandably, scheduling times may be a slight bit longer then.


You can already purchase a Language2Go voucher for 5 one-hour sessions! Of course you can also choose an open-end programme in which your sessions will simply be invoiced on a monthly basis. Whichever works best for you.

More about Private tuition: