Introducing Laia, one of our younger students

Bright little Laia is like a ray of sunlight to us. Only 5 years old, Laia is a true citizen of the world: she speaks no less than 5 different languages!


We have been teaching Laia for several months now. During the last class before summer recess, we went out for an ice cream together, as our focus was still on speaking skills then. But as we picked up classes after summer again, much to my surprise it turned out that Laia had taught herself how to read – in just one summer holiday! This totally shifted the focus of our classes. It almost seemed as if Laia took me by the hand and showed me the many things that she is capable of doing, such as reading me a Dutch children’s book.
Laia is a very special little angel. We have the best of times during our language classes and have become true friends. Laia loves to learn and before we’ll know it, she will be totally fluent in Dutch!

November 4, 2015