Want to keep your Dutch up when school’s out for summer?


This summer we will only organize tailor made summer classes & activities for kids. Should you wish to receive information about it, please, send an email to info@talencentrumholland.nl or give us a call!
















June 20, 2017


We are happy to anounce a new round of Group courses at Talencentrum Holland.


Classes will be held at the very convenient Café Kiebêrt in Amsterdam Zuid, where you can be sure to get your Dutch going in a pleasant, fun and stress-free environment. We guarantee solid results fast!!


Our programme ranges from the Absolute beginners to the most Advanced levels, so you will surely find a course to suit your very needs.


Please check the new Programme here.


Talencentrum Holland: Lovely Lively Learning!

September 6, 2016

Next Thursday, 14 April at Café Kiebêrt, TCH’s ‘art historian in residence’ Krzysztof Dobrowolski will lecture on Dutch painter Jeroen Bosch, who died 500 years ago this year. In his vivid signature style, Krzysztof will take us on an oral journey through the rich and overwhelming world in the paintings of this grand Dutch master.


As always, the spoken language will be Dutch, yet on a comprehensible level that is easy to understand. All learners of Dutch who have reached level A2 and up should be able to enjoy Krzysztofs enthousiasm and not miss a word!


Would you like to join us for this inspiring and entertaining event? Please send an e-mail to info@talencentrumholland.nl.


When Thursday 14 April, 9:15 – 11:15 hrs.
Where Café Kiebêrt, Marathonweg 2, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid
Language Dutch! (Level A2 and up)
Admission  € 24,50 (including koffie verkeerd – or any other coffee/tea of your liking – and appeltaart!)
TCH students pay only € 20.-





April 4, 2016


The next TCH Taalcafé will be on MAY 12 at the pleasant and comfortable Café Kiebêrt.


It’s been a little while, but on MAY 12 we will organize another TCH Taalcafé. At this event, learners of Dutch can meet to socialize and practice the language in a comfortable, entertaining atmosphere. TCH staff and friends will do a little quiz with you and look forward to chat with you all!

As always, your kids are more than welcome to join in the fun.


The TCH Taalcafé will be held at the wonderful Café Kiebêrt on

Thursday May 12, 2016 from 17:30 to 19:30 hrs.

Admission is free.

March 12, 2016

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Learning a language is more than just learning some grammar and a bunch of words.

Here’s some tricks that we think can help you learn faster, better, and with more fun in the process:


  1. Do NOT focus too much on trying to speak correctly and fluently. Instead, just focus on getting your message across. Don’t be shy! Remember: no one but you expects you to be flawless.
  2. Listen carefully. Try to figure out how native speakers do it. Active listening is at least as important as speaking when learning a language.
  3. Try to memorize some standard phrasing used by everyone. This makes it much easier to construct sentences and keep up a conversation. Zeker weten! 
  4. Speak to yourself. Be like that granny who socializes when alone in a room. And copy other people, too. It will make you get used to hearing yourself speak your new language, it will make you confident – and it will swiftly reduce the amount or errors you make.
  5. Believe in yourself! Language learning is not a difficult challenge, it is a gift. As long as you keep practicing, and aren’t shy to put your new knowledge to use, you will keep learning in a playful and stress-free manner!


Do you want some help and guidance in getting that language thing going for you?

Enrol for one of our stress-free, stimulating and entertaining group courses!

March 8, 2016

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